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Examples of monthly meetings/activities-

  • Indoor planter, garden planning, creating a seasonal vision board for the year.

  • Learning about roses, an activity with roses plus learning about self care and love affirmations. 

  • Seed 101, learning and starting your own seeds, take them home or leave them here in the grow room. Spring Equinox.

  • Preparing your soil, all about dahlias, as you will receive dahlias. Learn about grounding and earthing.

  • Create a planter, talk about maintaining the garden, pest, disease in the garden. Explore ways to fill your cup and give from the overflow.

  • Sunset pick, summer solstice celebration.

  • Flower arrangement class, ways to preserve nature.

  • Seasonal arrangements/wreaths

  • Garden dinner!

  • When the flowers are in season you will have the opportunity to pick for yourself and a jar to give to someone that may need a little more joy.

  • Discount on all workshops, special events. We will offer special upick times for club members.

  • And soooo much more!

This has been on my heart for a bit, a tribe that I can share my love of flowers, teaching you how to start your own flowers, all while we fertilize the experience with life lessons learned from the garden and creating joy! Basically, sowing joy in the garden and in life! :) Each month we will come together and offer several different activities, you will leave with the how to start your own garden, create beautiful takeaways that you can watch grow at your home, and feed our soul as well! This will be a monthly subscription (you can cancel anytime), some months will link together, and some will be new activities.

How it will work:

  • Register below and create an account.

  • We will meet every month and will be announced in the newsletter. If you can't come to that meeting, we will still have your takeaways and meeting notes.

  • It will be a monthly fee ($55). You must have paid by 10th to access that month. 

  • Cancel anytime. You're not obligated if you sign up and then decide you don't want to do the next month. :) 

    • Around the first of each month, you will receive a newsletter. It will have tidbits of garden info and spiritual insight. It will also lay out that months of activities/topics and upick times. 

  • We will try to have guest speakers a few months. It will be announced in the newsletter.

POP of Joy Garden club

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  • POP Joy Club 2024

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    A Club for sowing in the garden and in life
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