U-Pick Info

Farm Address
6515 Love Mill RD
Monroe, NC 28110

We are excited to be opening our U-Pick this year, 2021! After going through the last year we realized that we want to share what we do here at the farm and let you all experience cut flowers first hand! The U-pick will only be open certain days/hours each week so follow us on social media to see when we are open.

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What to Bring

  • Sunscreen - It is hot and since you will be picking flowers you will be in the middle of the field. There are many places to find shade but while picking you will be in the full sun. 

  • Water - Bring plenty of water to drink, we will be offering some concessions but you will get hot picking and its always a good idea to have water on hand.

  • Something to take your flowers home in - we will provide the vessels for you to pick into and then you will transfer your flowers into your vessel you bring. No worries if you don't bring something or forget, we can wrap them up for you.

  • Farm appropriate shoes - We are on a farm. ;)

How it will work

  1. As you enter the farm drive down the driveway, we are a bit off the road so its just a short drive down the gravel road.

  2. Park - there will be marked parking.

  3. Head to the barn to get your supplies and instructions of where and how to pick.

  4. Decide on which size vessel you will fill.

  5. Pick your blooms.

  6. Have fun!

  7. Snap pictures in the field or in front of our photo ops.

  8. After you're done picking come back to the barn and we will wrap your flowers for you and checkout will be provide then. We accept cash, credit cards and venmo.

  9. Enjoy your blooms at home and come back to visit anytime!

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  • $20 Pitcher - Pick as many blooms as you can fit into our provided pitcher to use while picking your stems.  Usually at least 30 stems can fit into it.

  • $55 bucket - This is a lot of stems but if you're up for the task, you will be awarded in many blooms to take home.

  • $10 Childs vase - This is a vase especially for kids, and they get to take it home full of flowers. :) 

  • $1- $2 -  Dahlias and Sunflowers- These flowers are priced separately and sold by the stem.              **Prices are subject to change at any time

A few Notes and rules

  • You are coming to a farm so there will be all sorts of critters and bugs. With flowers come bees.. so if you or someone you bring has a severe allergy please keep that in mind and decide accordingly.  The bees are usually busy working but know they are around. 

  • Because we are in a field the ground may be a little rocky or uneven. Watch your step and wear secure shoes. 

  • We LOVE animals but not everyone one that comes to the farm will, so please leave your furry friend at home. If you have a service animal just let us know in advance and we will make accommodations. 

  • Please only cut/pick the flowers you intend to put in your vase. 

  • This is our home so we just ask you be respectful of that. We are excited to share our little slice of paradise with you. :)