Spring Roses

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Local Flower Farm

 Pocket of Poppies is a small flower farm just outside of Charlotte, NC. What started off as a dream has now come to fruition and we love watching the blooms emerge from our little plot of land. We care deeply about being good stewards of our land and love knowing we are doing our part in making this a better place for our children and the future generations to come. Our hope is to pass along the simple joy and beauty that flowers bring to us onto you! Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you soon!


Holly McCloud/Owner

Hello! I'm a wife to a wonderful man and a mom of two amazing boys, Chase & Levi. I've always loved digging in the dirt (aka gardening) as my kiddos call it, but had a true love for flowers. If I'm not in the garden I love to sew and read. Oh, I'm also a sucker for a good sunset/sunrise and pretty much any animal. :) Most importantly my Christian faith is the foundation of my life. xxx