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We lost our sweet sister, Sherry in the fall of last year to ovarian cancer. She lived an amazing life and inspired and helped many. She loved this farm and was its biggest cheerleader so we wanted to honor her in a way here. Thats where Sherry's Butterfly House was born!


Sherry's Butterfly House

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You ask, what is this butterfly house?? Well, first and foremost it will be a way to honor her and also support her foundation she started after her diagnosis, SherryStrong. In the Shop part of Sherry’s Butterfly House we will have all sorts of info on her, her foundation, education about ovarian cancer, ways you can help her mission, and fun butterfly shopping items. Then… the butterfly exhibit! Eeekkkk!! This is an area you can walk through (there will be a small fee to enter the exhibit that all proceeds go to Sherry Strong)where there will be butterflies flying around and plants and flowers that are beneficial to them. Our hope is you will walk through the butterfly exhibit and take in the wonder and amazement of these beautiful creatures, and that Sherry will inspire you in some way, just like she did when she was here earth side. We know her legacy will live on and we just hope that even though she’s not here anymore you know Sherry too. To learn more about her foundation, please visit

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