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Spreading joy with flowers

Registration is CLOSED!

JOY, it is something flowers bring me and over the last year it is what I feel when I see others picking or receiving flowers. So, this year we want to spread joy with flowers to people that may need a little extra joy. In honor of our sister Sherry, who battled cancer we want to spread joy to those who may need it. Unfortunately, patients that are in cancer treatments cannot receive fresh flowers, so we have decided to honor nurses. Sherry had some of the best nurses through the years and they work so hard giving the best care to cancer patients.  If you know a nurse that could use a little extra joy, or you want to thank a nurse, please nominate them! These bouquets will be farm pick up only on certain dates (October 3 & 4).  There is a limit on recipients so be sure to register as soon as it opens! The earlier the better to make the cut off. :) Register in the shop section of the website. You must "check out" but these bouquets are free!

Spreading Joy pick up dates - Oct 3 1pm-7pm & Oct 4 4pm-7pm

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